Our History

The 1st generation Ferjulian’s

The Ferjulian Farm legacy began in 1942 when Manouel Ferjulian, an Armenian immigrant, purchased a 65-acre orchard atop Gospel Hill on lower Main Street in Hudson, Massachusetts. Manouel, his wife Marie, and their three children Eunice, Manouel Vincent (deceased 2010), and Mae grew the business through selling apples to local stores and clearing woodlands to expand farm-able land.

The 2nd generation Ferjulian’s

After attending Valley Forge Military Academy, Manouel Vincent returned to the farm and took over the business when his father died in 1963. He married Alice, a Greek immigrant, and had three children, Bruce, Joanne, and Eric. The second generation of Ferjulian’s expanded the farm further by raising turkeys, growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. The first greenhouse was built in 1972 and soon after Eric and Manouel Vincent built the farm stand that is still standing today.

The 3rd generation Ferjulian’s

Eric and his wife Erin are the third generation owners of Ferjulian’s Farm with the help of Eric’s mother, Alice. Eric manages and operates the growing and buying while Erin manages the farm stand and Alice keeps the books. Eric and Erin have three children Leah, Natalie, and Berge.

Berge and his wife, Rachael, will be the fourth generation to continue on the Ferjulian legacy.

The 4th generation Ferjulian’s